April 10, 2020
  • 12:45 pm Choosing the Right Oil for Your Vehicle
  • 12:11 pm Giving Your Dash Board a New Look
  • 11:54 am Costly Mistakes to Avoid in Marketing
  • 11:32 am Effective Ways that Business Managements should Handle Crisis
  • 11:15 am Hiring Professional Help to Transition to Cloud-Based Services
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Marketing mistakes can be costly and if they are repeated often, this is a big risk for the company. It’s true that everybody makes mistakes but some can be quite expensive not only to the marketers but also for the company. Seasoned marketers can attest that while some mistakes may seem small, others are huge and should be avoided. 

  • Not Considering How Customers View the Brand

Existing and potential customers have a way they see your brand. Every marketer should be sensitive about this. When a business is carrying its marketing campaigns, it must keep in mind its target market. Just because a marketing trend sounds great, it does not mean that it will work on all fronts. Factor in the target market and carry out the marketing campaigns strategically. 

  • Not Considering Public Sentiments 

Public sentiments are vital and they play a significant role in how successful a marketing campaign is. Before putting up billboards on major roads, conducting marketing campaigns and advertisements, it’s vital they take into account public sentiments. 

  • Forgetting the Impact of Promises 

Whenever a business launches marketing campaigns, there is something its offering customers. It could be free coupons, tickets or even an extra product on top of what a customer buys. Whether there are sufficient giveaways or not, ensure that customers or participants understand the guidelines. For example, you can clearly indicate that prizes are the first-come-first-serve basis or they are for those that spend a certain amount on purchases and so on. This is to cover your brand in case the promise is not honored to all. 

  • Not Doing Cultural Research

Culture is one thing that is quite diverse. Each country or region has its own culture. This is the way of life for locals and their beliefs. When expanding a business, it’s of great significance to do prior cultural research. Think about if the slogan of the business does more harm than good to the local cultures and what your advertisements reflect.

  • Forgetting Loyal Customers

Forgetting loyal customers is another mistake that marketers make. For example, a company may launch a marketing campaign targeting new customers only. Enticing them with goodies just to win them while at the same time not having anything for existing customers. In most cases, the company will experience a backlash and in the process may lose more customers than it wins. 

Forgetting loyal customers, not doing cultural research when expanding, not remembering how customers view the brand and public sentiments are mistakes that all marketers should avoid.