April 10, 2020
  • 12:45 pm Choosing the Right Oil for Your Vehicle
  • 12:11 pm Giving Your Dash Board a New Look
  • 11:54 am Costly Mistakes to Avoid in Marketing
  • 11:32 am Effective Ways that Business Managements should Handle Crisis
  • 11:15 am Hiring Professional Help to Transition to Cloud-Based Services
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Any company regardless of the size can be hit hard by a crisis. It could be that there has been a liability lawsuit or there has been a recall of products. Public relations crisis can be dangerous if not handled well as it puts the business on the line. This is one reason that any management should learn about effective ways to manage the crisis. This will not only portray a positive image of the company but it protects its sales. 

  • Giving Answers to the Media

In most cases, the media will go for top management. It’s a grave mistake to avoid the media. If the crisis happened abruptly, the management may not be able to answer questions as they should. One wrong answer could damage the image of the company. This is the reason as an organization, there should be a crisis management team whose sole task is to handle a crisis. They should be trained and experts in responding to any specific questions asked by the media.

  • Acting in a Responsible Manner

When a business is in crisis such as an airline canceling its scheduled flights due to safety issues, customers will be angry. Those that had paid for products and services will demand answers and compensation. The business should be ready for this and offer a solution. They can offer full refunds to those affected among other options such as rescheduling their flights or any other compensation. This is owning up and acting responsibly for inconveniencing them. 

  • Meeting the Crisis Head-on

A crisis can happen to any type of business regardless of the industry it’s in. It could be an automobile company, food production one or even a transport company. When there is a crisis that has attracted the public’s attention, it should be met head-on. As the crisis management team responds to questions from the public and the media, they should do their best to be accurate. Give facts for the image of the company.

  • Involving Legal Counsel

There are risks of the company being sued in such scenarios. The statements that they release should be accurate and should not just be released. This is where the company’s lawyer comes in. it’s of great significance to have a legal representative who should check the written statements before they are released to the public and the media.

A crisis management team should be in place to help and salvage the image of the business. Full disclosure about what happened, being quick in handling the situation, having a legal representative, acting responsibly and meeting the crisis head-on are recommended crisis management strategies.